EasyFincare are here to provide you to offer best services with maintaining the privacy policy. We make sure that every detail of our customers remains confidential. In this way, we build the foundation of trust with our customers.

When you register yourself with EasyFincare, you will receive SMS, Email, and Phone from our company. Here some details of your personal information we require :-

  • Location
  • Date of Birth
  • First Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • At EasyFincare, we make sure to use our customer’s data for only necessary purposes. To know more about what we do with your personal information, read the following :-

    • Solve queries
    • Your information is used by third parties to enhance our services
    • Manage your data and do our daily work
    • Send you information about new offers, products, and services from our website
    • Improve Company’s Services

    EasyFincare is one of the growing companies to provide your instant loan. We don’t rent/sell our customer’s personal information to anyone. However, we may share some information with our partners due to any merger or partnership. It is strictly prohibited to collect your personal information as mentioned in the privacy policy.

    We don't allow anyone to gather and use your personal information. The third parties with whom we have partnered or collaborated may contact you to introduce our services. These third parties have very constricted information about you. Also, it is necessary for them too to maintain the privacy of our customers. These specific rules are always mentioned in our contracts.

    While taking our services, you allow us to use your personal information. The personal information is used to let you know about the new offers we launch. It can be done by us or even by our third-party members. We are authorized to use your personal information for reliable purposes unless you deactivate your account.

  • EasyFincare tracks your information only after you accept us to use cookies. It means, we can analyse your choices and improve our services and customization. Through cookies, we know about the choices of our customers so that we can provide enhanced solutions to them. We make sure that your data remains protected from any kind of theft. We maintain a strict privacy policy and we will send you notifications of our offers according to your choices.

  • Providing security to our customers is one of the important duties of the company. EasyFincare is equipped with reliable security systems to protect the valuable information of our customers. With the growing technology, it is very important to strengthen cybersecurity so none misuses our customer's data. We include several layers of security systems for our website to prevent any kind of damage.

    In the same way, you need to maintain the same confidentiality with us. It is suggested not to share any crucial information with anyone. Information such as password, login id, and other credentials should not be shared with anyone.

  • EasyFincare uses your data for advertising as well. As we have mentioned that we ensure that our customer's data are not misused in any way. Also, we use the data for catering audiences through advertisement. It is one of the growing industries and a useful medium to reach new customers.

  • Before linking your information with any website, you should read all the information about privacy policy. We are not liable for any loss of the personal details that you provide to other sources. You should maintain the secrecy of your personal information. Also, you should always go through the terms and conditions before processing the next step.

  • As we have mentioned above that after you choose our services, we send you a message to inform you. Hence, we send you emails regularly as well. The mails are auto-generated and send to our customers. If you don't want us to send you an email, then you can simply unsubscribe us. If have any kind of query, you can send also send your doubt through email.

    These are some privacy policies of EasyFincare after you sign up with our services. We make sure to protect your important data with high-level data security. We don't use or sell your personal information for illegal purposes. These privacy policies help us to build trust among our customers. In this way, we not only provide protection but also improve our brand image.

    EasyFincare not only provides you instant loans but also provides easy EMIs. So that you can pay off your loans and improve your credit score. We have easy policies for instant disbursal of money after your loan gets approved.

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